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Nordclass historic development

Health Classifications in the Nordic Countries - Historic development in a national and international perspective 2006

The first classification of diseases in the Nordic countries is Carl von Linné’s Genera morborum from 1763. During the next 150 years each  Nordic country created and improved their own lists of causes of death and classification of diseases.

Gradually the Nordic and international co-operation on health statistics was extended and international classifications were adopted also in the Nordic countries. Through the Nordic Medico-Statistical Committee (NOMESCO) and the Nordic classification centre in Uppsala, the Nordic countries have been actively involved in this collaboration, which has received good results both within the Nordic countries and globally. In this book Björn Smedby and Gunnar Schiøler describe the development that has led to those classifications, which are key instruments in documentation and analysis of the functions and activities of health services of today.

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