Mortality coding and statistics


The Centre promotes the development and use of ICD-10 for mortality statistics in the Nordic and Baltic Countries.


ICD-10 has been used for mortality statistics in Denmark since 1994, in Finland, Iceland and Norway since 1996 and in Sweden since 1997.


In 1996 NOMESCO commissioned a working group to investigate and report on procedures and practices for the production of mortality statistics in the Nordic countries with the aim to improve comparability.  The working party compared information on present legislation, data collection routines, coding instructions, computer resources, data edits, register layout etc in the area of cause-of-death statistics in the Nordic countries.


The results have been summarized in a report published 1998 by NOMESCO (in Swedish). An English and Swedish version of this report has been published in "Health Statistics in the Nordic Countries 1997" (NOMESCO 56:1999).


A Nordic mortality group, which includes both statisticians and coders, was formed in 1999 and has met almost annually. The Baltic countries joined the group in the early 2000s, which now became the Baltic Nordic mortality group (BNG).


In 2010 this group contributed to the annual report on Health Statistics with the theme:

” NOMESCO Report on Mortality Statistics for the Nordic/Baltic Countries -Theme section 2010”.  The theme section can be downloaded here.


A separate link to a separate web page that lists the meetings and seminars 2001-2014.


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