WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre in the Nordic Countries


Mortality Forum

The Mortality Forum is an international discussion network on problems experienced in connection with ICD-10 mortality coding, with Lars Age Johansson as coordinator. The discussion group has a high level of activity and a large number of members from many different countries. The group has about 100 members at present, representing about 35 countries or organizations.


Link to  Mortality Forum Index with discussion items and annual reports

·         www.nordclass.se/mortfore.htm

Issues which can not be resolved in the Mortality Forum will be referred to the Mortality Reference Group. The tasks of the Mortality Reference Group include making decisions on the application and interpretation of the ICD as it relates to mortality and preparing proposals for updates/changes for referral to the Update Reference Committee. The Mortality Reference Group mainly works through telephone conferences. The first meeting took place in December 1998 and the group meets four or five times yearly.