WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre in the Nordic Countries



The International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision is due by 2017 (See link to the ICD-11 website:  http://www.who.int/classifications/icd/revision/en/index.html). 


For the first time, through advances in information technology, public health users and other interested professions can provide input to the beta version of ICD-11 using an online revision process. Peer-reviewed comments and input will be added throughout the revision period. When finalized, ICD-11 will be ready to use with electronic health records and information systems.


WHO encourages broad participation in the 11th revision. The Nordic Centre plays an active role in the different areas of the ICD-11 work, and plans to participate in field tests. For further information on activities in the Nordic Centre, see ”News”.


Revision Steering Group

A special group is responsible for governance of the revision of ICD. Since 2011 there is also an executive group – Revision Steering Group – Small Executive Group (RSG-SEG). For more information, see WHO-FIC website:



ICD Revision Topic Advisory Groups

The revision of ICD is performed by Topic Advisory Groups. For more information, see WHO-FIC web site:


Updated information: 12 January 2015